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       George Hudson
George Hudson was Born on Feb 2nd 1897 and passed away on July 16th 1995. 

Birth Place: Eagletown, Indian Territory. 

Dawes #1623; Census Card #675; enrolled at the age of 2 and listed as a Full Blood Choctaw. 

Education: Jones Academy. George fought in the 1st World War.

He was Corporal First Class in the 3rd Army Division, 13th Infantry. 

He Fought in Germany and France.He survived Spanish Influenza. 


After the death of his 1st Wife, Betty Fitzpatrick, he married Berta Trammel. They were married until his death at age 98.

To be continued... 

 1st Spouse of George Hudson
Bettie Louise (Irene?) Fitzpatrick

Pictured here with their Son Charles Eugene in 1922

  (Full Blood Irish)
Born: July 15th 1903 – Died of Tuberculosis on June 10th 1930
Father: John Fitzpatrick

 Mother: Sara (O-Toole)

Note: Bettie's middle name "Louise" and her parents names was told to Jimmy Hudson by his father Charles Eugene Hudson on 4-27-2008, but LaHoma Gene Fields, the Daughter of  Bernice, the Sister of Charles Eugene Hudson says her middle name was Irene.
The Children of George & Bettie Hudson
Bernice & Charles Eugene Hudson as kids.



#1 Charles Eugene Hudson











Born: June 3rd 1922
Died: Aug 18, 2011

 Pictured here in his WWII unifom.





Charles Eugene Hudson, 89, of McAlester, formerly of Talihina, passed away on Aug. 18, 2011, at OSU Medical Center in Tulsa. He was born on June 3, 1922, in Haworth to George and Betty (Fitzpatrick) Hudson. He was a World War II veteran in the U.S. Army Air Corps and proud to be a Choctaw veteran serving his country. He worked 10 years for Boeing in Wichita on the flight line until they shut down. He worked for the City of Ada in the street department, retiring after 10 years. Charles was of the Assembly of God faith. He cherished all of his family very much. He was proud of his Choctaw heritage and proud to be a Talihina Tiger where he was a member of the football team. He enjoyed playing music with his son. Charles played guitar and harmonica and sat in at many clubs where his son, Jimmy, played professionally. They also liked to fish and hunt together. He was preceded in death by his parents, George Hudson and Betty Hudson; stepmother Berta Hudson; son Charles Denver Hudson; daughter Donna LeFlore; grandson Eddie LeFlore; granddaughter Kristina Sojo; and great-granddaughter Angel Martin. He is survived by his son, James Eugene Hudson with wife Diane of McAlester; daughters, Frances Martin with husband Alfred of Stuart, and Janice Carlton with husband Bill of Ada; sister Bernice Fields of Halstead, Kan.; 13 grandchildren; 27 great-grandchildren; 11 great-great-grandchildren; and numerous other family members and friends. 

1st Spouse of Charles Eugene Hudson

 Bonnie Jean (Jones)
 7/16th Choctaw
Born: June 25th 1927 Talihina, LaFlore County, Oklahoma - Died: June 1997
Father of Bonnie Jean Jones: Frank Jones 7/8th Choctaw Dawes Roll # 8952
Born August 26th 1893 Talihina, Oklahoma - Died: October 19th 1982
Father of Frank Jones: Mallison Jones -Born: 1873
Mother of Frank Jones: Adeline Blue - Born: 1876
Mother of Bonnie Jean Jones: Bertha Mae Morgan ¼ Cherokee
Born: April 17th 1897 in Talihina - Died: Dec 22nd 1973
Father: Robert Morgan - Died 1910
Mother: Minerva Morgan
 Bonnie Jean & George Hudson with her boy and his Grand-Son Charles Denver Hudson (My Dad)




  Children of Charles Eugene Hudson & 1st Spouse Bonnie Jean
 Charles Denver Hudson

   Born: June 6th, 1945 ~ Died: October 7th, 2009 




This picture was taken on June 8th 2008

This picture is taken from my Dads 1964 yearbook, showing his famous football flying pose.
I added the text over the original handwritting which says "Animal Charles Hudson", a name he was known for his intensity.
The other two tackle players tried this flying pose, but barley got off the ground.
Brenda Carolyn Shirley
Born: Nov 26th 1949
Married: Jan 1st 1965
Divorced 1970
together in 1974
seperated in 1975
Married again 1979
Divorced again 1981
Here I am with Dad & Mom just starting out 2 months old in April 1966

  #1 Charles Ellis Hudson

 Born: Feb 23, 1966

Father: Charles Denver Hudson

Mother: Brenda Carolyn Hudson 


#1 Stephen Christian Charles Hudson ~ Mother: Ana Maria Montenegro

Born: Feb 22, 1988

Married: Catherine Marie Keller 1993 - present 

#2 Shekinah Glory Hudson ~ Mother: Catherine Marie 'Katie' Keller

Born: Oct 7, 1996

#2 Gloria Michelle Hudson

  Born: Jan 28, 1969 

Father: Charles Denver Hudson 

Mother: Brenda Carolyn Hudson

 Married: Kenneth Glen Green


#1: Justin Glen Green

#2: Wesley James Green 



 Gloria Michelle is Pictured here with Dad on June 8th 2008
#3 Joseph James Hudson
Born: Dec 25, 1970

Mother: Brenda Carolyn Hudson

 Married: Jovita  Iniquez 


#1 Jaden Elaine Hudson ~ Born: December 11th, 1997

#2 Daniel Hill ~ Born: September 27th, 2000  


  #4 Teresa Jean Hudson (Browning)

 Born: August 6th, 1978  in Andrews, Tx.

 Father: Charles Denver Hudson



#1: Renae Leanne Browning ~ Born: 11-13-97 in Turlock, Ca.

#2: Rebecca Lynn Browning ~ Born: 9-25-00 in Heidelberg, Germany 


 2nd Spouse of Charles Eugene Hudson

 Gertrude Lucille (Rollings)
Born: June 24th 1925
in Haileyville, Oklahoma
Died: 1998
Mother: Dovey Rollings ‘Mama Dove’


Pictured: Lucille with Husband

Charles Eugene Hudson
and their Son
James Eugene Hudson
in 1947
         The Children of Charles Eugene and Gertrude Lucille
 Left to Right: Jimmy 15 Donna 14 Frances 13 Janice 11
Picture taken in 1962 
    #1 James Eugene ‘Jimmy' Hudson
Born: Jan 30th 1947 - Occupation: Musician, Physical Therapist at the MaCalister Regional Hospital since 1990
Diane Sue (Sharp)
Born: Dec 29th 1955
Jimmy Eugene Hudson Jr.
Born: July 2nd 1987
#2 Donna Gail Hudson
Born May 15th 1948 - Died: 1985
Daniel LeFlore
(Full blood Choctaw)
#1 Lugina Gail
#2 Edward Franklin
Born April 7th 1969 Died: Febuary 13th 2004
Edward was married to Nancy Bedford in 1987. 
They had two sons.
 #1 Edward Leflore
#2 Samuel Leflore

Edward passed away in a automobile accident in checotah oklahoma on Febuary 13th 2004
 #3 Frances Edean Hudson
Born: Sept 26th 1949 - Lives in Stuart Oklahoma
Spouse: Alfred Lee Martin
Pictured above in 2005 is back row: Left to Right - Charles Thomas Martin & John Allen Martin. Front row: Left to Right is Michael Eugene Martin & Tina Luttrel (Martin)
 #1 Charles Thomas Martin
Charles was married to Vitoria Lynn Tryon and had two children with her. Married on may 23,1987 and they divorced in august of 1991
#1 Charles Thomas Martin jr. DOB: 11/09/1990
#2 Angel Lynn Martin DOB: 07/14/1988 died 07/14/1988 stillborn
He remarried on September 30th 1999 to Jo-Lynn Jones and they have no children together and are currently married.
#2 Tina Martin (Luttrell)
Born: January 23, 1968
Tina is currently married to Ralph Thomas Luttrell and they have three children: Tina & Ralph were Married on october 15th 1988.
 #1 Timothy Wade Martin DOB: 12/10/1986

 #2 Joshua Wayne Luttrell DOB: 06/27/1992

#3 Amber Dawn Luttrell   DOB: 09/22/1995

#3 John Allen Martin
Born: 12/31/1969
John is pictured above with Choctaw Chief Pyle in 2006
John married Brandy Lea Pomeroy on July 9th 1993 and divorced on June 25th 1998.

They had two children

#1 Brittany Edean Martin DOB: 07/12/1993 








 #2 Dakota Austin Martin DOB: 07/09/1995

 John Martin married Amanda Kutz in September 2001 and divorced January 2004. They had one child (daughter) together.




Morgann Brooke Martin Born: March, 5th 2003
John Martin married Hollie Anne Crawford on august 11, 2005 and divorced on febuary, 01, 2007.
They had one child (son) together.
 Jacob Allen Martin Born: September, 8th 2005
#4 Michael Eugene Martin
Born: 01/23/1973

Michael was married to Dyan Michelle Davidson on july 8th 1995 and they divorced on December 2007. They had two children together.
#1 Tyler Joseph Martin DOB: 11/20/1995
 #2 Megan Ann Martin DOB: 11/06/1995
The Children of Charles Eugene and Gertrude Lucille Cont...
#4 Janice Kay Hudson
Born: March 27th 1951
1st Spouse
Ralph Lewis Sojo
(Married: June 2nd 1968)
#1 Lorenzo
Born: March 28th 1969
2# Kristina Leann
Born: June 16th 1970 - Died: April 5th 1986
#3 Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Guadalupe
Born: May 4th 1972
2nd Spouse of Janice
Thomas Joe Tingle
(Married: August 3rd 1973)
Jimmy Joe Tingle
Born: June 14th 1975
 3rd Spouse of Charles Eugene Hudson:
 Marjo Sartor
 Born: March 30th 1927
 (Irish) Still Living
Married: March 17th 1973
(Divorced in 1991)
They had no children together
Mother: Sallie Sartor (Roland)
Father: James Grover Sartor
The Children of George & Betty Hudson Continued... 
      #2 Bernice Hudson (Fields) 
Born: May 10th 1924
Picture taken in 1944
                                        Spouse: Athell Alwin Fields 
Born: April 14th 1920
(Married: August 4th 1942)
Children in photo:
Betty Jane on left,
LaHoma Gene on right.
Picture taken in 1945 
#1 LaHoma Gene
Born: June 13th 1943
#2 Betty Jane
Born: 1944
 #3 Ace A.
Born: 1947
 #4 Glenda Joyce
Born: 1949
 #5 George William
Born: 1953
2nd Spouse of George Hudson
 Berta Trammell 
Berta was Born March 21st 1914
And passed from this life on Nov 8th 2005
She Married George Hudson on the 13th of September in 1930 in the city of Idabel, Oklahoma
Her Father was:
Hill Randolph (H. R.) Trammell
Her Mother was:
Helen (Tool)
Pictured here taken in 1935 with Husband George Hudson
(They sure look like they are in love don't they)
George & Berta


 George & Berta

with Charles Eugene
Obituary of Berta Hudson
Berta Hudson, 91, of Talihina passed away Tuesday evening November 8th 2005 and is with The Lord in heaven. The funeral was held Saturday, November 12.
Berta was born March 20, 1914 near Haworth OK and lived her entire life in southeast Oklahoma.
She was the third of eight children born to H. R. Trammell and Helen Trammell.
She married George Washington Hudson on September 13, 1930 who had been in World War I and had two young children.
Berta and George were married for 65 years; George went to heaven on July 16, 1995.
Her family was her greatest joy and she will be missed.
She was loved by all who knew her and was an outgoing and generous person. Some of Berta’s favorite things were cooking, gardening, fishing, quilting and her flowers.
She was a caregiver for many people during her life.
Berta is survived by step-son Charles Eugene Hudson of Talihina and step-daughter Bernice Fields of Halstead KS, sister Orgal Blue of Talihina, brother Euel Trammell of Dallas TX area, 9 step-grand-children (one deceased), and 31 step-great-grand-children. Step-grand-daughter LaHoma Fields and step-great- Grand-daughter Lugenia LeFlore of Talihina cared for and visited Berta often during her last three years at Talihina Manor after suffering a stroke.
Their loving care for their step-grand-mother is appreciated by the family.
Some Family statements about her life and passing:
“Grandma was such a wonderful grandma and we were blessed to have her and only wish we could have enjoyed her more in her later years.   She was a knowledgeable person who really had no education (8th grade only) but so wise. I could have gone on and on in her obituary and wished I had said more.  I think she took nursing training but was not sure.  She is with Gramp now probably not missing us at all!!!! (smile)” - Betty Jane Fields (Woodrow)
  “I'm glad Grandma didn't suffer too long and apparently passed away fairly quickly.  I regret she was in such poor health the past few years.   She had a long bountiful, love filled life and she will be in our memories forever.  We must remember her, as she was, a very joyful, caring, loving, tender person.  She was always full of energy, quick to smile, and eager to listen or share good thoughts and warm stories with her loved ones.  It is too bad she took so many untold stories and valuable pages of our history with her to a wonderful place where she'll be happier and look upon us for eternity.” Ace A. Fields
The document below concerns our ancestors who were laid to rest in Eagletown.
 Interview of George Hudson
 Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date: March 10, 1938

Name of Burial Ground: Eagletown Burial Ground
Founded: 1872

Interview by: George Hudson
Abandoned: Still there

Present owners of premises: Choctaw Lumber Company
Address of present owners: Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Original owners of premises: Pheobe Bohanan/ James Hudson
Approximate number of graves: 374

Approximate number of marked graves: 38
Condition of the premises: In bad condition
Detailed location of burial ground: 1 ½ miles east of Eagletown
Legal location of burial ground: County McCurtain, Section 10, Township 6, Range 26 east
- Information From George Hudson; Eagletown, Oklahoma
 “Elizabeth Hudson was the first one to be buried in this cemetery.
She requested of her father and mother, since that was the prettiest place for a burial ground, that she be buried there when she died so they buried her there.
Elizabeth Hudson was educated in Tennessee.
She had broad experience as a teacher and loved rural work.
She was a fine Christian character and always helpful to those around her.
James Hudson died some time in *1873 and is buried here though he has no headstone. (*or later, see "My Experience With Indians" by John James)
He was a missionary preacher and during the Civil War he fed many hungry people dividing his corn with them.
Jane Cubit, a colored woman, who is eighty-three years old, says James Hudson was a missionary preacher and when the Negroes were set free, all the Negroes came to him to be married.
A man by the name of Mr. TUSON was interpreter for him to marry these people.
He was the father of Daniel, Wash, Harriet, Amos, and Peter J. Hudson.
Ahhobatema Hudson was James Hudson's wife.
She was from Mississippi and died in 1897.
In Wartime she also fed many hungry people.
She was a good Christian woman. She had no headstone on her grave.
Wash Hudson was killed on a road from Ultima Thule, Arkansas, to his home.
Foster FOBB and Jones JAMES waylaid him on the road and shot him and killed him and his brother-in-law, Thomas AMOS in November 1897.
Neither Wash Hudson nor Thomas Amos has a headstone.
Sarah Amos Winship was killed by her sweetheart in 1892.
She was married to Simon WINSHIP but was divorced from him and was staying with her cousin, Enos TONIHKA and teaching Indian children at Kullichito.
Her sweetheart was Nelson CHRISTY. (Chief Jefferson Gardner’s Brother)
Three years before, he (Nelson) had killed her cousin Dora Hudson; she was his wife and he had been hiding around from this other killing.
After he killed Sarah Amos he shot himself and died a few hours after. Sarah has no headstone.
Virginia Winship Everett was a daughter of Simon (Simeon) Winship and Sarah Amos Winship.
She married Abner CLAY who was killed by Henry STIFF, and then she married Willie EVERETT, lived with him several years and separated from him and got a divorce.
A few weeks after she was divorced, Willie Everett went to the house of Aaron DYER, where she was staying with some of her people and struck matches and looked for her at each window until he located her.
He shot her while she was asleep and she never knew what struck her.
The bullet went through her heart and went through her little girl's head, but the child lived until 1926.
Virginia was killed in 1911 and she has no headstone.
Sam Amos died in 1896.
He was the father of six children.
One night his wife and children went to some gathering and he was left at home alone.
He either had a heart attack or something happened to him for he fell in the fire and burned his legs and hands pretty bad.
After that his folks went off and left him because he was not able to work any more.
The burns never did heal but stayed sore as long as he lived.
One day his brother went and got him and brought him to a little log house near his home.
Sam Amos stayed there until his death.
One day in 1896, they found him dead in the log cabin.
Tannip Hudson died in 1862.
He was James Hudson's brother and was born in Mississippi.
Daniel Hudson was born in 1856, and died in 1901.
Daniel Hudson always held office.
He caught or helped to catch many cattle and horse thieves.
He knew all the trails and knew how to get the criminals.
He held the offices of Sheriff and Lighthorseman for many years and never did have to kill any of the thieves, and there were plenty of them, too, from other states.
He caught three men with fifty head of cattle up in the Kiamichi Mountains.
They had stolen the cattle from a Choctaw at Hochatown, Johnson HARRISON.
His men were behind and he rode up on these thieves, holding his gun on them for twenty minutes before the men rode up.
He used to say those men were cowardly and he never took them again to hunt thieves. He has no headstone.
Willie Hudson was born November 29, 1888.
He was a soldier in the World War.
He always made his home at his brother-in-law's, John T. Beavers.
He was at home only five months when he was killed by Watson JOHN, who had taken Willie Hudson's wife while he was away from home fighting for his country.
Willie Hudson was killed November 20, 1919.
His sister, Levina R. Beavers put a nice headstone on his grave.
Calvin Hudson , a son of Roar Hudson and Alice Hudson, was educated at Jones Academy.
He finished high school at Broken Bow, played Indian football and was well thought of by everybody who knew him.
One Sunday afternoon a bunch of young people came out from Broken Bow to play baseball at a field about a quarter from Calvin's father's home, so [he] went and joined them and played until late.
After supper he made his pallet of quilts on the floor to sleep on.
All at once his father and mother heard a gun.
They ran out there and he had shot himself. They notified Doctor Sherrell at Broken Bow who came at once.
The doctor asked Calvin why he shot himself and he said he was tired of living.
He died in a few hours.
His death occurred in 1926 and he has no headstone.
Labon Hudson died in 1892 - no headstone
Winnie Hudson died in 1890 - no headstone
Harriet Hudson (Amos) died in 1902 - no headstone
James ‘Jimmie’ Hudson died in 1907 - no headstone
Andy Winship died in 1902
Anthony Amos died in 1926 - headstone
Mary Jane Amos died in 1925 - no headstone
Ishti-mone-hoke Hudson (McCoy) died in 1924 - no headstone
Amelia Amos died in 1925 - headstone
Zack Gardner (Chief Jefferson Gardner's son) died 1909 - headstone
Reverend James Dyer died 1925
The above are all Choctaws.
There are twenty-five Choctaws buried here in the south part of the cemetery.
The remaining burials are all white people.
Altogether there are three hundred and seventy-four buried here; many having no headstone.
The cemetery has not been cared for and one can hardly tell it is a burial ground.”


Charles Denver Hudson 


Brenda Carolyn Shirley 

Father: Charles Denver Hudson 


Father: Charles Denver Hudson 


Father: Charles Denver Hudson 



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